M.F.A. San Francisco Art Institute, 1999

B.F.A. San Francisco Art Institute, 1989


2002       ArtCoucil Grant, New York, NY

1992        Marin Arts Council Individual Artist Grant, Fellowship in Photography, San Rafael, CA


2015         Golden State, Gallery 16, San Francisco, CA

2015         Golden, B. Sakata Garo Gallery, Sacramento, CA

2014         Heavy Metal, San Marco Gallery, Dominican University, San Rafael, CA                

2014         The Exalted Landscape, San Francisco International Airport, Terminal 2

2012         Landscape Update, Gallery, 16, San Francisco, CA

2012         Nuggets, B. Sakata Garo Gallery, Sacramento, CA

2009         (Auto)biography, Gallery 16, San Francisco, CA

2009         Self, Minshar For Art, Tel Aviv, Israel

2008         Pretense, Jason Rulnick Gallery, New York, NY

2007         Paint/Sculpture/Landscape/Architecture-New Photographic Work, B. Sakata Garo Gallery, Sacramento, CA

2007         Alice Shaw: A Group Show, Gallery 16, San Francisco, CA

2004         New Work, Gallery 16, San Francisco, CA

2002        Duplicate, Quotidian Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2000        Dreams and Harsh Realities, Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco, CA

1998         Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco, CA

1992         Braunstein/Quay Gallery, San Francisco, CA


2016         Awe Lab, Exhibition and Programming at the Storefront Lab with Allison Pebworth, San Francisco, CA

2015         Play: Process, Activism, Subversion, San Francisco State University Fine Arts Gallery, SF, CA

2015         Retrospective-Paule Anglim’s Artists-Paule Anglim Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2014         Fertile Ground: Art and Community in California, Oakland Museum, Oakland, CA

2014         Racial Imaginary, Pitzer College Art Galleries, Claremont, CA

2013         The Long Conversation, Southern Exposure Gallery,  San Francisco, CA

2013         Ideation by Chance, Abecedarian Gallery, Denver, CO

2012         Snow Dreams, Eleanor Harwood Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2011         Shaw Show, B. Sakata Garo Gallery, Sacramento, CA

2010         100 Records Project, Curated by Sonny Smith. Gallery 16, San Francisco, CA, Okay Mt. Gallery, Austin, TX, and Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2010         Siege, Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA, curated by Lauren Davies

2010         San Francisco Plays Itself: Part 1, SFCamerawork, San Francisco, CA, curated by Chuck Mobley

2010         Figure, B. Sakata Garo Gallery, Sacramento, CA

2009         All Good Things, Mission 17, San Francisco, CA

2009         Gold Rush: Artist as Prospector, The Lab, San Francisco, CA

2009         Sisyphus Office, Houston, TX, curated by Jonn Herschend

2008         Connect/Disconnect, Gaddis Geeslin Gallery, San Houston State University, Huntsville, TX

2008         Gold Rush: Artist as Prospector, The Cuty Museum of Ljubljana, Vzigalica Gallery, Lijubljana, Slovenia

2008         Gold Rush; Artist as Prospector, Galerie Op-Nord, Stuttgart, Germany

2008         Numbers Game, Packard Jennings, Seth Lower, Alice Shaw and Lee Walton, curated by Laura Mott, Fletcher     and Rhodes, San Francisco, CA

2008         Strange Habit, Shane Huffman, Steven Husby, Emily Kennerk, Curtis Mann and Alice Shaw, curated by Luke Batten, I Space, Chicago, IL

2007         Friends and Artists, B. Sakata Garo Gallery, Sacramento, CA

2006         Conversations: Marcel Dzama and Alice Shaw, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2005         Photo Books Now, San Francisco Center for the Book, San Francisco, CA

2003         A Sure Thing, Spanganga Art Space, San Francisco, CA

2001         Jess Hillard: An Undying Fascination and Love for All Animals, Especially the Cute Ones, SF Arts Commission Gallery, curated by Harrell Fletcher

2000         Generations II, B. Sakata Garo Gallery, Sacramento, CA

2000         Multiple Sensations, Included in the Perogi 2000 Flat Files, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

1999         The Flexible Density of Time, Four Walls Project, San Francisco, CA

1994         The Family Seen, SF Camerawork, San Francisco, CA

1993         Under Age: Photographs of Children, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Curated by Sandra Philips

1991         American Seen: Contemporary Photography, Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco, CA


1997 1st Place: Visions of Excellence Award, Sponsored by Mumm Cuvee and The San Francisco Art Institute, Honorary Chair: Annie Leibowitz, Juried by: Sandra Philips, Jeffrey Frankel, Linda Connor, and Julian Okwa


2015-2016 Adjunct Faculty: California College of the Arts-Methods and Materials (Medium Format Photography) and Process, Practice, and Production (Junior and Senior Seminar)

2003/08-16 Adjunct Faculty: San Francisco Art Institute-Humor and Photography, Beginning Black and White Photography, Color Photography, Digital Color Photography, Photographing the Invisible, Graduate Seminar, and Graduate Tutorial

2009-2016 Adjunct Faculty: Diablo Valley College, Beginning and Intermediate Black and White Photography

 2008 Adjunct Faculty: Dominican University, Digital Photography, Fall Semester

 2006 Adjunct Faculty: California College of the Arts, Color Photography, Fall Semester

 2002/06/08/12 Adjunct Faculty: San Francisco State University-Color Photography, Spring/Fall Semester 2002, Advanced Black and White Photography, Fall 2006, Black and White Photography, Spring, 2008, Black and White Photo 2, Fall 2012

2001-2005 Adjunct Faculty: University of California at Santa Cruz-Color Photography, one quarter per academic year

 2000-2003 Adjunct Faculty: University of California at Davis-Beginning and Intermediate Black and White Photography

 2000-2003 Adjunct Faculty: University of California at Berkeley-Black and White Photography I and Photo As An Art Form, Summer Sessions

1999 Instructor: Academic Study Association, Stanford University, Summer Session

 1999 Private Instructor: Black and White Photography Printing Techniques for Berry Levinson, Film Director/Producer


2008-2011        Advisory Committee Board Member, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery

2004-2005          Fundraising Committee Board Member andArtist Selection Committee, SF Arts Commission Gallery

2000-2007         Artist’s Assistant to Ann Chamberlain, Public/Installation Artist


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Sophia Coppola, Lance and Rima Acord, David and Mary Robinson, Robert Mailer Anderson, Geof Nurnberg, Rena Branbten, di Rosa Foundation, Lynn Horseman, Roselyn Swig


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